About Us

Gravity MEA | Safety Equipment Supplier for Oil and Gas in Dubai, Gravity MEA

Who We Are

Mission Statement:
We pledge to provide safety engineering solutions, calibration, instrumentation automation for the marine and oil & gas industry to help build safer and sustainable workplaces.

Vision Statement:
We are committed to the safety and seamless functioning of the world we live in, with top notch quality of the products and services.

How we are different?

  1. Customer Focused Relationship

We give unparalleled attention when it comes to our business relationships. Our customer centric approach is helping us to find the most suitable solution to their problem by meeting a  globally acknowledged technical standard. Our main motto is to work towards customer satisfaction and complete safety.

  1. Quick Response to Customer Needs and Issues

We are always available on a 24/7 & 365 days basis and look forward to listening closely to your requirements. We are giving utmost priority to the needs of the customers and respect their valuable time. It makes our team dedicated to analyze the issue and finding a solution at the earliest.

  1. Best Pricing in the Market

We are dedicated to adding value to our customers by offering exceptional services in the marine engineering and oil & gas industry in UAE. Our pricing is reasonable and we assure you that you get the best cost for the products and solutions.

  1. Uncompromised Quality

The dedication and spirit of our team are always thinking about providing the best products with uncompromised quality to the customers. Our experts are keen to analyse the problem of the customers for meeting their requirements by using skills and experience at a globally set technical standard.

Why You Should Choose Us

We have extensive industrial experience in understanding your requirements in detail. We realize the importance of marine safety and the kind of solutions you provide for it. We offer the most effective and relevant solution for you. Our services are compliant with all forms of global and regional maritime safety regulations. We are a trustedsupplier for renowned companies in the commercial shipping, onshore, and offshore industries.
We work closely with engineers in the industry and deliver products and solutions that are calibrated for your needs. We collaborate extensively with prospective clients like you to guarantee that the project meets and exceeds your expectations.Our services team uses cutting-edge, future-ready technology in maritime to provide you with unparalleled services and solutions.
With so many unforeseeable events that may occur in a business, even the smallest disruption in your clients’ service can drive them to one of your competitors. Don’t worry about it anymore! We render excellent after-sales service, and if there are any problems, we will be pleased to resolve them and offer excellent customer service 24/7. Our professional support team will work diligently and promptly to resolve any of your concerns.