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Take the safety of your employees more seriously in the marine and oil refineries. Monitor the safety accurately and consistently with an efficient gas detector. Make your detectors and analysers efficient with Calibration gases.

It is a compressed mixture of various gas components filled in a cylinder. These are used for comparison standards. They can calibrate different equipment to ensure that instruments or equipment read accurately. We are focused on offering customized delivery as per the requirements of our customers.

What are its unique uses and specifications:
These are comparison mixtures, allowing analytical devices to read measurements reliably. Certain factors must be present for a mixture to be judged suitable for calibration. They must be traceable to a national or international standard to be deemed accurate for calibration.
The quality of the gas which is used in calibration (flammable, toxic, oxygen, and mixed) are all traceable to international and national standards.

● They are categorized into single and combination gases.
● Our disposable cylinders are used in industrial hygiene and laboratory applications.
● They come in a small portable handheld cylinders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Calibration gas?

This is a mixture of gases that are used as a benchmark to analyse safety instruments like analysers and detectors in the oil industry.  

They are compressed usually with a single gas which is predominant, and it is enhanced by other elements. 

What is it used for?

It is used for calibration of gas detectors. They ensure if the devices are functioning to the fullest capacity. The only way to check if they are functioning properly, is to try and calibrate it with this. 

How do you calibrate the devices?

Working in oil and marine industry require utmost safety for all your workers and employees. The instruments and devices that you use in your worksite require frequent testing and must undergo proper functioning test. 

Below are steps to calibrate a gas detector.

  1. Choose a place which is having a right amount of ventilation. 
  2. Attach your cylinder to the regulator.
  3. Most importantly, airlock must be attached to the detector.
  4. Ensure the hose is fit correctly and the gas entry is in line with the flow direction as described. 
  5. Open the regulator and turn on the detector.
  6. You will hear a “beep” noise to know that calibration has started
  7. An alarm will be trigged by the device to mark the entry of the calibration gas into it. 
  8. Switch off the alarm and slowly disengage the instrument from the cylinder by disconnecting the hoses. 
  9. Your device is now calibrated successfully, and it has passed the safety test.  

When to use?

This totally depends on the type and usage of the detectors and analysers. You should likely do your calibration of devices or equipment once a week. If you find your gas analysers are working normally as usual. You can do it once a month.  

What gas is used in calibration mixture?

There is usually a four-gas mixture which is used to calibrate your device.  

  1. Hydrogen sulphide
  2. Carbon monoxide
  3. Methane or Isobutane or Propane
  4. Oxygen mixed with Nitrogen

Sometimes a single gases is used as well for calibration. The cylinder would contain methane or isobutane.   

What is the expiry? Does it expire?

Yes. The calibration gas expires. It generally lasts up to 1 year. The concentration expires slow and steady over time.  

Where to buy in UAE?

Gravity MEA is a trusted supplier of calibration gases in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah & Sharjah in UAE. We also supply it to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq and Kuwait.

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