Technical Services

Technical Services | Safety Equipments for Oil & Gas, Marine UAE

We have an excellent connection with various suppliers and industry leaders in the region and have gained a trusted name for supply of equipment for oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, water extraction in the UAE and the GCC region.

Gravity MEA also provide plans and advice on how you can make use of these equipment to the fullest potential and gain profit.

We also provide technical services and round the clock assistance for the following.
● Power generation management
● Oil monitoring systems
● Cargo control systems
● Alarm monitoring systems
● Oil mist detector
● Gas detection systems
● Fire detection systems
● Marine Growth Prevention Systems
● Tank level measurements and controls
● Safety fire pump controls
● Shut down jobs
● Crane controls
● Dismantling, installation, lapping of all safety valves
● Fabrication of gear boxes, hydraulic couplings and shafts.

Lastly, no matter what you choose, you receive the highest quality Technical Services.