Manifold supplier in Dubai. Gravity MEA UAE

Making your employees go deep inside the mine is high risk. Provide breathing air to them with Manifold from Gravity.

Breathing air manifolds allow seamless supply of air to be connected to the cascade systems of cylinders. It is a Point-of-Attachment (POA) that provides breathing air supply to workers, employees and safety teams. It consists of a regulator, pressure gauge, safety relief valve for proper respiration.

Manifold Specifications:
●Adjustable regulator to control inlet of air to the respirator
●Pressure gauge to check the pressure of air coming in.
●Safety relief valve to release the lock whenever needed
●Respirator couplings supplied with safety locks
●Aluminium block manifold

Unique benefits of a manifold:
●Unit can be taken into wet or hazardous locations
●Goes up to a maximum of 300 feet of breathing air hose at the air outlet fitting
●Fully customizable and designed to solve the challenges associated with distance and location

Choosing high quality manifolds is very important for the oil & gas industry, and other general industries. Gravity MEA is a key supplier of manifolds in UAE and we can customize as per your needs.

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