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Are you looking for a material fabrication that is robust, durable and makes your roof strong? Protect your space from various environmental factors with Sheet Metal Fabrications from Gravity.

Sheet metal fabrications is the process of forming metal sheets to the desired shape using different manufacturing methods. The completion of a product usually comprises of many steps – from cutting and bending to surface treatment and assembling. Gravity MEA  provides the best sheet fabrication and a key supplier in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Iraq.

We have a technical team in Dubai and provide all services right from the designer’s table – CAD designs to thermal cutting, mechanical cutting, punching, bending, assembling and powder coating.

Advantages of sheet metal fabrication:
●Sheet metal design options are very flexible. Basis the functionality that you express, sheet metals can provide multiple solutions as per your needs.
●With Single prototype a volume production can be achieved. The prototype can be built on contemporary methods like 3D design, printing that needs to quick lead times.
●A wide range of finishes are possible with powder coating, painting, galvanising, plating etc. We can bring a possibility of different looks at the same time, provide protection as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sheet metal fabrication?

It is process of making steel or aluminium into a flat sheet or structures. This metal fabrication involves cutting, bending, surface treatment assembling of the steel or aluminium into a desired shape or product.

How to fabricate sheet metal?

Sheet metal is fabricated by making it move in between hot slabs of machineries which has rolls on it. These hot rollers would make the metals to become a thin sheet. These thin sheets are then kept for cooling and then coiled for delivery.

What are the advantages of sheet metal fabrication?

  1. We can create variety of products and solutions to be created as the sheet metals have extraordinary flexibility.
  2. Anything from a single piece to scalable volumes are achievable with sheet metal fabrication.
  3. Quick turnover time.
  4. Usage of updated technology in fabrications such 3D printing are possible in prototypes.
  5. Sheet metals are used in pipes, valves, and storage tanks as these are where high corrosion happens and sheet metals are anti-corrosive.
  6. High strength to withhold devices
  7. Provides a good protection for your instruments with designing of Instrument sunshades made of stainless steel.

What are the different products that can be manufactured with sheet metal fabrication?

Our sheet metal fabrications ensure that you protect your instruments and automation devices from all weather conditions. We manufacture anything and everything from metal enclosure for oil & gas, marine industry to stainless steel cabinets that can be used in harsh working conditions.

  1. Sheet metal enclosures – Control panels and service boards can be placed in the enclosures and cabinets.
  2. Instrument sunshades – Stainless Steel sunshades can be customized with sheet metal, and it can protect your devices from potential damages from heat, sunlight and high impact blows.

What material is used in sheet metal fabrication?

We use industry standard & high quality – stainless steel which are SS 304L and SS 316 L as they provide superior protection and the finish that you desire. We use sheets that are up to 2.5mm based on your requests.

What is the process of sheet metal fabrication?

The process starts from engineering drawing such as CAD. Once the drawings are finalized, the sheet metal are fabricated as per the plan approved by design engineers as below.

  1. Thermal cutting – Sheet cutting needs to accurate, perfect and fast. We use lasers to cut the sheet metal to achieve good outcomes. If the sheet thickness is more than 10 mm, we use plasma cutting as it is more efficient.

With thicker materials, plasma cutting may be used because of its quickness. This advantage is only evident with thicknesses upward of 10 mm though. Between the two, laser cutting produces excellent results.

  1. Mechanical Cutting – This is process which involves die cuts on the sheet metal as you need to prevent melting of the material. In this process, the punch is imposed on the sheet metal material against a die. Best part about this method is it doesn’t leave out any residual chips behind. It is highly economical method in sheet metal fabrications.
  2. Punching – A process to make holes in the sheet metal. For scalable projects, this is the most desired method to cut although for small scale, this is not advisable.
  3. Bending – Bending is an important process of sheet metal fabrication. The sheet metal must be bent by applying press brakes. A well qualified personnel is needed as this is quite an intricate process
  4. Assembling – The fifth step in the sheet metal fabrication process involves assembling together of all the materials which has been cut and punched and bent by welding it all together.
  5. Powder coating – The final step in the sheet metal fabrication process involves applying of electrostatic powder to the sheet metal. Since, powder coating is economical, durable, and easy maintain, it is most preferred way of surface treatment.

Where to buy or customize the sheet metals?

Gravity MEA in Dubai is one of the best sheet metal fabricators and manufacturers in the UAE. We work across various sectors such as oil & gas, marine, construction and other general industries.


We do the following:

  • Cutting using mechanical and laser equipment
  • Folding
  • Punching
  • Welding
  • Powder coating
  • Fabrication


At Gravity MEA, we have all the necessary equipment for you to customize and create an excellent high quality sheet metal fabrication as per your need. Call us today for the best pricing:  +971 58 586 2689

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