Instrument Sunshades

Instrument Sunshades in UAE | Dubai | Abu Dhabi

Losing millions of dollars due to instrument damage? Install an instrument sunshade now to save production time and cost.
In the current scenario, production units have to run round the clock throughout the year to reach the optimal production targets. For these plants and production units to operate seamlessly, the instruments involved in the line of production needs to be maintained well. Any malfunction of these instruments can have bad consequences in terms of being a costly affair to the production plant.

What do you do in this scenario?
1. Delay or postpone production
2. Replacement of field equipment or instrument
3. Unbudgeted and untimely repair cost of these instruments

How do you avoid this?
Protect instruments from extreme elements of weather and unexpected consequences due to damages in the oil & gas, petrochemical, energy and shipping vessels with instrument sunshades. Instrument sunshade can ensure that the key instruments and devices are operating at the right working conditions.
How does Instrument Sunshades help in preventing loss at the production plant?

The shades come with
● Anti-corrosion coating
● Water-proof
● Accidental damages
● Protection from sunlight damages
● Anti-static material

Gravity MEA supplies 2 varieties of Instrument Sunshades:
1) Stainless Steel (SS) Instrument Sunshades – Made of Stainless Steel material which is sturdy protect your instrument.
2) GRP Instrument Sunshades – Made of Glass Reinforced Polyester material which provides resistant to acids, solvents and electric insulation.

Gravity MEA is a key supplier of Instrument sunshade in Stainless Steel and GRP in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah. We also supply to GCC countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

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