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Handle the demands of industrial complexity in a safe and efficient manner when you work with HVAC and combustion systems in the marine and oil & gas industry. Gravity MEA  will help you find the right gas regulators at Gravity. We have an extensive inventory of different brands to make your workplace safe and sound. 

This calibration gas regulators is a single-phase piston based flow regulator, and it is available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Iraq. The control valve allows easy on/off and consistent calibration gas flow. The regulators are connected to calibrate gas cylinders, and it helps to regulate the gas out of the cylinders.

Gas regulator: Some Unique Uses and Specifications :
For bump testing gas monitors, this regulators is a great option. Using this gas cylinder regulators is beneficial instead of aerosol, which only lasts three months and can’t be utilized to calibrate your monitor. Attach the calibration gas cylinder regulator to the cylinder and use it for bump testing. This regulator is designed to work with disposable and recyclable calibration gas cylinders. Thanks to the unique diaphragms and high-purity seats and seals, out-gassing and inboard diffusion are reduced or eliminated. The addition of chrome plating to the brass body helps preserve the gas cylinder regulator’s exterior body from corrosive environments such as those prevalent in chemical plants and refineries.

Its unique features
● Nickel-plated brass makes up this regulators.
● There is a turn knob on this regulators.
● It’s made to prevent diffusion while also being simple to clean.

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