Stainless Steel (SS) Instrument Sunshades

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Stainless Steel (SS) Instrument Sunshades in UAE | Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Sharjah | Fujairah

Do you want a high impact and heat-resistant instrument protection with customized options to match required specifications? Look no further than Stainless Steel instrumental sunshades from Gravity MEA.

This sunshade protects essential devices from the elements such as blazing heat, direct sunlight, and mechanical damage (falling objects and debris). In this manner, you may rest assured that external factors will not alter the accuracy and functionality of your devices and equipment. This device protection can also save money by minimizing the requirement for cooling systems and equipment repairs. We offer sunshades customized as per customer requirements.

What are its unique uses and specifications:
These sunshades are frequently used to protect field instruments such as oil refineries, where they are mounted above devices such as gas, flame, and leak detectors, among other things. Our best in class SS sunshades can be placed directly to the surface or on a 2″/3″/4″ pipe with the included mounting hardware. Mounting accessories such as U bolts and clamps are also available in various sizes. Customized mounting brackets are also available for direct device mounting. The mounting plates and brackets for installing devices and equipment are manufactured in addition to the sunshades.

Specifications of the SS instrumental sunshades:
● Finish of the product come in brush finish, epoxy coated.
● Thickness of the shades range from 0.8mm to 3mm.
● Mounting – We do surface mounting, pipe mounting and on request, we also manufacture customized mounting brackets for direct mounting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Stainless Steel Instrument Sunshade?

The sunshades that are made of  stainless steel material which protects your field instruments.

Why should you use it?

Since the devices and equipment are very critical for your business and on time production. Any malfunction of devices would cause expensive and uncontrollable outcomes.

  • It can reduce the production rate which leads to time loss
  • Additional maintenance cost which is not under the budget for the year
  • Necessity to replace your field instrument.

You can prevent this scenario and protect your devices by installing SS instrumental Sunshade for your field instruments.

How will this protect field instruments?

Industries are in a situation to work in more extreme conditions. The working conditions are in a solar plant, oil and gas reserves, shipping vessels. The extreme working conditions makes it tough for the delicate machineries to survive the ordeal.

SS Instrumental sunshade provide the following.

  • Protects against intolerable temperature rise during the peak summers
  • Provides shelter from direct sunlight damage
  • Resist your instrument from accidental damages.

Protects against fire.

How do I install it for protecting the devices?

They are installed along with sturdy sunshade mounting brackets, strong hinges and latches on a surface or on a pipe installation of the field instruments.

it can be customized to ensure prevention of damages to critical devices used for your oil & gas, marine and mining industries.

What material of SS is used in instrumental sunshade?

SS 304 & 316 is used. It comes with a thickness of 0.8mm to 3mm. The sunshades are epoxy coated and comes with a spectacular and smooth brush finish.

What is the price of SS instrument Sunshades?

As these sunshade come in multiple sizes and mounting requirements, the cost varies accordingly. Contact Gravity MEA for the best price. As we are the manufacturers, we assure you the world class quality and best price in whole of UAE market with our focus in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Fujairah. We also export SS Instrument Sunshades to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman & Iraq.

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