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5 reasons to have GRP Instrument Sunshades | UAE | Dubai

We all invest in weather-appropriate clothing, getting winter or summer ready depending on the time of the year. What about your devices and equipment in an oil & gas refinery? Have you noticed frequent wear and tear to your equipment in a rig or refinery? Wear and tear directly translate to higher spending as 

  1. You will have to replace equipment at a higher frequency 
  2. You will have to slow down production to reduce wear and tear
  3. You will have to make room for unaccounted maintenance in your budget. 

The easiest solution for the above is to invest in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) sunshades. 

GRP Instrument Sunshades protect instruments from weather elements at Oil & Gas sites. They have antistatic and fire-retardant properties and are non-absorbent to hydrocarbons. They protect instrumentation from dust, snow, and rain which cause calibration drifts. These sunshades can be combined with a wide selection of heavy-duty mounts to produce customized units that fit transmitters or gauges. Their installation is quick and easy.

Below are 5 reasons why you should invest in GRP Instrument sunshades.

1. High resistance to a wide range of acids, solvents, and chlorides

Equipment in refineries is always at risk of coming to contact with chemicals such as acids, solvents, and chlorides. Contact with these chemicals can cause severe damage to your equipment. GRP sunshades can provide your equipment with the necessary protection as they have high resistance to chemicals.

2. High heat resistance

Your equipment and devices in an oil rig can be subjected to high heat and fire hazards. It is not just enough to provide protective equipment to your workers. You have to protect your equipment as well. Flame-resistant GRP sunshades are a must to provide your equipment with extra protection.

3. Excellent weight and mechanical resistance 

Falling debris is a very real danger in an oil refinery. Now imagine your equipment taking a direct hit from falling debris. Vandalism or accidents because of unprotected or unsupervised installation Irreparable damage is guaranteed to your equipment. GRP sunshades display high weight and mechanical resistance and will provide protection for your equipment.

4. Insulation from weather and external atmosphere

Some common causes of damage to your equipment in an oil rig are exposure to direct sunlight, low ambient temperatures, occurrence of sandstorms, a highly humid environment, etc. GRP Instrument sunshades provide protection from all the above-mentioned extreme weather conditions, keeping your equipment in perfect condition.

5. Little to no maintenance required

GRP Instrument sunshades are extremely cost-effective. Durable and highly resistant, once installed these sunshades require little to no maintenance. These corrosion-resistant sunshades hold up excellently even in aggressive environments like sea-side installation or chemical corrosion. GRP sunshades are definitely a budget-friendly solution that helps you avoid unnecessary costs in the long run. 

Gravity MEA is one of the largest suppliers of GRP Instrument sunshades in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Iraq. We produce both open and closed sunshades of the greatest quality at a reasonable price. Stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP), and galvanized steel are the three materials available for sunshades. 

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