The Importance of Alcohol Breath Tester in Workplace Safety

Importance of Alcohol Breath Tester UAE | Dubai

In a recent shocking incident, 9 pilots and 32 cabin crew of a prestigious airline failed their pre-flight breath analyser test. The incident saw the pilots and crew getting suspended and a renewed insistence on using alcohol breath tester for all cabin crew in the aviation industry post the pandemic. 

Apart from workplace etiquette, this incident also highlights workplace safety and how industries struggle with regulating and managing safety issues arising from alcohol and substance abuse. 

The risk of inebriated workers and workplace safety is not an issue limited to the aviation industry. The global oil & gas industry, the mining industry and other industries which involve high-risk environments understand the need for a system in place for ensuring regulation of alcohol and substances during work hours or on work sites. 

This is where the use of Breathalysers is thrown into a highlight. 

Do Workplaces Need Breathalyser in UAE?


The global Oil and Gas Industry recognizes alcohol testing as an important component of worksite safety for employees, contractors and customers.  Here is a look at the legalities surrounding health and safety in the workplace in UAE. 

‘Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, every employer has a duty of care over their employees and anyone affected by their work activity. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires employers to ensure that they have assessed the risk to which employees and others are exposed to through the course of their work.’

Therefore, as a contractor or employer, to ensure that employees are not performing duties while under the influence of drugs or alcohol becomes paramount. The need for Breathalysers is being reflected in the market as well.

A look into Breathalyser market shows that Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE are projected to display promising shares in the coming years. Some of the major reasons for the growth are-

  • Increase in healthcare spending in the region 
  • Various government laws implemented to prevent road mishaps and seamless flow of traffic
  • The introduction of advanced and easy-to-use Breathalysers

Looking for A Breathalyser that Fits your Needs?

One of the major drawbacks of alcohol breath testers is the high level of inaccuracies shown by the device and the rising prices of the equipment. and Gravity MEA has just the solution for that. Sentech Alcohol Breath Analyzer, used and trusted by the police force around the world for spot checking it is ideal for personal as well as industrial use. The sentech alcohol breath analyser is ideal for bulk screening with high accuracy – for example in mining industry, nightclubs, schools or before driving, etc. 

Which is the best alcohol breath tester?

Sentech is a leader in Alcohol Breath Testing Equipment. Gravity MEA is a supplier of this world class and accurate breathalysers.

  • Mobile printer connectable 
  • Comes with internal memory upto 2500 tests
  • Affordable price
  • Light weight

Want to know more about Breathalysers? Reach out to us and help us help you keep your workplace safe. Call Gravity MEA now: +971 50 336 9470

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