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Did you know? As per CDC reports, a whopping 5100 people have lost their lives in the last decade due to poisonous gas leakages in the United States as per CDC reports. Another statistic states that 0.6 million fatalities happen every year due to negligence of hazardous substance leakages. 

Gas detection equipment saves lives – FACT. But how do you know if you need a gas detector and if you do, what type of gas detection equipment is right for your business?

Oil rigs and the marine industry among many others use gases for a variety of functions. Anyone involved in any of these industries can vouch for how risky the working conditions are always being in close proximity to multiple types of gases. The top priority here is the safety of the workers. Gas leakages can lead to various issues ranging from physical ailments to a full-blown mass tragedy. The best and safest option is to simply avoid these problems altogether. Gas detectors are an important part of that solution.

Gas detection equipment comes in 2 formats, fixed and portable, with many businesses using a combination of both depending on the factors they need to consider when assessing gas risks and how to keep their workforce safe. Portable gas detectors are especially useful if you’re a mobile worker who has to work in environments that are unmonitored by fixed detectors. For instance, a worker in a mine or an oil rig has to access deep into the mine or oil refinery will require a portable gas detector as there is always a risk of toxic, combustible/flammable gases or asphyxiation. 

Below are 6 reasons why your workplace could benefit from using portable gas detectors.

1. Easy to Implement

One of the major highlights of using portable gas detection is that it requires little to no process of implementation. Easy to install and with multiple options for detection, the best part about these devices is that even if you are not a professional you can handle them with ease. Rest assured, with its continuous monitoring process you will be immediately made aware if there is a leak.

2. Real-time Alarms

In the case of a gas-related emergency, time is of the essence. The faster you know, the faster you can find a solution. With a portable detector in hand, you can rest easy as they will provide you with a real-time alarm in case some issue arises. This helps you stay at the top of any situation with zero time wasted at the first indication of a hazard. 

3. Accurate Measurement

Do not be fooled by this pocket-sized detector. Portable gas detectors are durable and highly accurate. Throw them in any environment – scorching hot, ice cold, or covered in dirt – portable gas detectors detect hazardous toxic substances even in the lowest ppb range and give precise readings.

4. Safety

Portable gas detectors are classed as a type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a reason. These handheld devices are essential in many areas where gas hazards could occur, because they are continuously monitored at close range to the operator, whilst stationary and moving. Portable detectors will give off an alarm instantly even in the case of the minutest leak.  

5. Cost-effective

The safety of your workplace and workers are definitely of utmost importance. However, spending huge amounts on safety equipment can not always be feasible, especially if you’re a small business owner. Portable gas detectors are budget-friendly and an effective solution. Just ensure you procure your gas detectors from reliable traders.

6. Monitoring and Shielding

One of the key highlights of a portable gas detector is how versatile it is. Even though it is built to be carried on your person, you can monitor for gas leaks even if you are not physically present in the location. A portable gas detector can be deployed in areas you cannot access with the help of cables and depending on your detector, you can monitor a range of hazardous gases. Moreover, portable gas detectors will doubly function as a shield for your worksite that keeps a constant tab on your site’s air quality.  


Portable gas detectors are a must-have for every workplace that runs the risk of a gas-related accident. As explained above, they are versatile, effective, cost-effective, and most importantly, life-saving.  Invest in the safety and wellbeing of your workers and get your portable gas detector now from Gravity: https://www.gvtmea.com/portable-gas-detector/

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