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Specialty Gas – a Safety Net for Employees and Worksite | Dubai | UAE

Specialty gases are safety lifeline for workers and industries. They are used in multi gas detectors and monitors that can detect multiple types of hazardous gases. Gas mixtures are used for single detectors as well.

They are essential to analysers, monitors, and detectors. Gas detectors serve the purpose of monitoring any gases that may be present in any given environment whether it be someone’s home or a work facility.

How does Specialty gases help?

Gas detectors tell us whether there is a potential hazard present and are important in maintaining the safety of homeowners and workplace personnel. Without these detectors and monitors, people could be at risk and potentially become ill.

The gases are the key to ensuring workplace safety. They help ensure that your device is working correctly, which is especially important when it comes to detecting hazardous gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen fluoride.

Depending on the type of gas monitor you’re calibrating will determine the type of gas or gas mixture you need to calibrate the device. There are also particular multi-gas detectors that require specific gases that are related to the brand of the detector. If used with any other gas aside from the one specified in the instructions the device may not be calibrated properly which can lead to incorrect readings.

Choosing the right mixture of specialty gases

When choosing a gas to use for calibration, it is common for people to use a flammable or toxic gas. Reason for this is to ensure that the alarm goes off when a hazardous gas is detected. Some of the common toxic gas mixes used in multi-gas detectors are: Argon, Iso-butane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen fluoride and other flammable gases, like methane.

It used to make sure analysing tools, like gas detectors, are working properly and measuring accurate gas results. They specifically calibrate the gas detector device to ensure it is able to capture any potential gas hazards in the workplace.

The importance of International standard specialty gas

These specialty gases are traceable to a known international or national standard. Essentially, the results or values need to be compared to previous calibration metrics to avoid any risk, errors, or confusion and to ensure what the value of the results mean. This is a way to ensure quality.

They include helium, argon/helium mixtures (helium-argon), ammonia, and nitrogen trifluoride (NF3).

Ensure your gas analysers are calibrated perfectly

Gas detectors are used in many different environments, including construction sites, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. These devices are designed to help ensure the safety of personnel in these areas by detecting poisonous or hazardous gases.

Calibrating your device regularly helps ensure this safety by allowing you to make sure it is taking accurate results and that features like the alarm are also in working order. If the alarm isn’t going off during a potential gas hazard, then it could result in a very bad situation.

Poisonous or hazardous gases are also able to affect the device you are using which is another reason why it’s important to regularly calibrate your device. Not maintaining your gas detector can pose serious risks, injuries or potential fatalities.

Factors to choose the best specialty gas supplier

Always look for suppliers who sell gases that are accredited to an international or national association and who can deliver it on time.

All our specialty gases are approved by National Institute of Standards and Technology, and it is approved by ISO/IEC 17025:2017. We do our gas mixture preparation and analysis based on ISO 6142 and Gravimetric method for Class I mixtures

Gravity MEA Dubai provide specialty gas for various applications and can provide next business day delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah & Ras al Khaimah. If you have any questions regarding our gas mixtures, feel free to give us a call for assistance at +971 50 336 9470

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